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Add description on how to configure cronjobs.

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If no text appears, everything went well!
### Cronjobs
To run this script periodically, you need to set up a cronjob. To send a, lets say weekly mail, listing the appointment for the next seven days, set `DAYS_NEXT = 7` in your `` and install your cronjob:
pwd # returns the path of your current directory, assuming that you are in the ical2mail dir
crontab -e
Insert the following at the end of the file:
0 0 * * 1 <output of pwd>/
Where you replace `<output of pwd>`. This runs the script every monday at 00:00
## Modification
To get a different formatted output, you can use [Jinja2-templates]( Modify the default [template](templates/plain.jinja) or create a new one in the `templates/` folder and update the config.
......@@ -35,5 +47,6 @@ This script is inspired by [Cord Beermann]('s [Cal
I heavily used [Severin "tiefpunkt" Schols]('s [ical2email]( as a base, a Python 2 script, which does slightly the same as this script, but in a different manner. Thank you tiefpunkt! Without your script I would have procrastinated the implementation of mine a long time.
This script is written and maintained by Henrik "HerHde" Hüttemann.
## License
This work is licensed under the [GNU GPLv3](LICENSE).
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