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# ical2mail
A Python3 script to fetch iCalendar/ical/ics-feeds from the web and send an email with upcoming events.
## Requirements
In order to use this script you need
- a SMTP account/server
- one or more URLs to ICS/iCalendar files
- Python 3, [pip]( and [virtualenv]( installed.
## Installation
Download this repository, create a new virtualenv and configure the script.
git clone
cd ical2mail
virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
Now copy/rename the `` to ``, open it in your preferred editor and make adjustments, at least you need to configure `MAIL_FROM`, `MAIL_TO`, `ICAL_URLS` and the `SMTP_*` variables.
## Usage
You need to enter the virtualenv every time you are in a new shell session. Inside the repository's directory run
source venv/bin/activate
If nothing appears, everything went well!
## Modification
To get a different formatted, you can use [Jinja2-templates]( Modyfy the default [template](templates/plain.jinja) or create a new one in the `templates/` folder and update the config.
## Contributors
This script is inspired by [Cord Beermann]('s [Calendar2Mail]( script, which is written in Pearl and served my purposes well for a long time. Thank you Cord!
I heavily used [Severin "tiefpunkt" Schols]('s [ical2email]( as a base, a Python 2 script, which does slightly the same as this script, but in a different manner. Thank you tiefpunkt! Without your script I would have procrastinated the implementation of mine a long time.
This script is written and maintained by Henrik "HerHde" Hüttemann.
## License
This work is licensed under the [GPLv3](LICENSE).
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -2,19 +2,20 @@ MAIL_FROM = ""
MAIL_TO = ""
MAIL_SUBJECT = "[Events] Termine vom {{ }} bis {{ }}" # This is parsed as a Jinja2-template.
ICAL_TZ = "Europe/Berlin" # Timezone, like "Europe/Dublin", "Asia/Seoul", "Japan" or "America/Los_Angeles".
SMTP_USER = "username"
SMTP_PASS = "password"
ICAL_TZ = "Europe/Berlin" # Timezone, like "Europe/Dublin", "Asia/Seoul", "Japan" or "America/Los_Angeles".
DAYS_PREV = 0 # How many days from the past should be included?
DAYS_NEXT = 3 # And how many future days?
SMTP_USER = "username"
SMTP_PASS = "password"
# These formats are parsed with strftime().
FORMAT_DATE = "%Y-%m-%d"
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